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To be clear, life insurance is a type of financial tool put in place to help those people you name as beneficiaries to the policy after your death. Many people forgo choosing life insurance because they believe there’s no risk right now. READ MORE >>

Knowing the ins and outs of your household’s structural integrity is vital to your safety. Hurricanes affect homeowners living near the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, endangering those without proper preemptive protection. READ MORE >>

Trucking insurance varies widely due to numerous factors. Some are within drivers’ control and others are not. The driver's age, type of vehicle and what commodities are being hauled tend to be fixed. Let's examine some of the factors that you do have control over and how they impact your insurance needs. READ MORE >>

1. Shop Around It'll take some time, but could save you a good sum of money. Ask your friends, check the Yellow Pages or contact your state insurance department. (Phone numbers and Web sites are listed here.) National Association of Insurance Commissioners has information to help you choose an insurer in your state, including complaints. READ MORE >>

As you head out to have some fun in the sun on your boat, it's important to keep safety in mind when fishing, skiing, tubing or just relaxing on the water. This list of 10 safety items will help ensure that you are prepared for unexpected situations. For most boats, you can rest assured that you're prepared if you have the following items on board. READ MORE >>

Have a weak garage door? A powerful storm can tear the door off its hinges and blow wind into your home with enough pressure to pop the roof. When you think about protecting your home from wind damage, make sure to focus on the weak points: windows, doors, garage doors, siding and roofing. READ MORE >>

Floods can cause serious damage and stress to you and your home – if you’re not ready. If you know floods and heavy rain are coming to your area, it’s best to prepare for the worst to make sure when the time comes, you aren’t left with a disaster area around your home. READ MORE >>

Typically images of the “Jetsons” and sleek flying cars come to mind when thinking about the car of the future.  For Daniel Kim, founder of Lit Motors, the car of the future does not have flying capabilities and what it lacks in size it makes up with innovation and a cool factor that would rival some of the fanciest cars out there. READ MORE >>

Do you remember adding cards to the spokes of your bike to make it sound like a motorcycle, or adding pretty pink tassels at the end of the handlebars? At some point in time, we've all added things to our bikes to make them stand out. READ MORE >>

Regardless of if you own your home or you rent it, it’s still your home. It’s still a place that houses all the things you care about and make your life go. Homeowners insurance is pretty familiar but most aren’t as familiar with renters insurance. It’s important to know the differences. READ MORE >>

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