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Workplace accidents are a very real threat to businesses. Even in establishments that have safety protocols, it is likely that accidents will occur.  Injuries and illness often are liabilities for companies. When employees get hurt, your workers' compensation business insurance can often foot the bill. READ MORE >>

To be clear, life insurance is a type of financial tool put in place to help those people you name as beneficiaries to the policy after your death. Many people forgo choosing life insurance because they believe there’s no risk right now. READ MORE >>

You see the cracks in your walls or on the ceiling. You hear the subtle creaks and groans from time to time. That must mean that your house’s foundation is settling.  A home’s foundations shift and settle as the earth below also moves and shifts. READ MORE >>

You left the windows open on your vehicle and now there’s significant damage to the seats. Perhaps the window was broken as a result of an accident and now you have seats that are in bad condition. What should you do? Are you covered under your auto insurance plan? The answer to that is, sometimes. READ MORE >>

You’ve been involved in an accident and the other driver, who was responsible for the incident, doesn’t have the insurance to cover your losses. Now, you may have a few medical bills and damage to your vehicle. Are you out of luck and going to have to pay these costs out of your pocket? READ MORE >>

If a hurricane blows through your hometown, you could be facing extensive damages to your property. It can be hard to know where to begin the cleanup and recovery process after experiencing such a trauma. We’ve created a brief guide to help you get back on your feet after experiencing a hurricane. READ MORE >>

Having an RV is usually all about having fun with it. However, it is a vehicle that may have work benefits in some cases. Like any other vehicle you drive, it is possible to use the same vehicle for both personal and business use. However, there are limitations on how your RV insurance will cover your losses. READ MORE >>

Since motorcycles don’t offer airbags and other protections that cars do, safety is an important consideration when biking. And the most important piece of safety gear you can buy is a motorcycle helmet. It’s vitally important to protect your noggin during a crash or fall. READ MORE >>

Enjoying a boat is only as much fun as the people you bring on board with you. If you are planning to host an event or just a few friends together for a day on the boat, it is essential to take steps to ensure everyone is safe and that your assets are well protected. READ MORE >>

You want to protect your home from the risks it faces. You purchased home insurance that offers ample protection from everything from theft to fires. Now, you want to protect against floods. Flood insurance is custom designed to meet your home’s unique needs. READ MORE >>

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